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Rules (Read before you Contact me!)
1. - I am trading Linkin Park bootlegs only for Linkin Park bootlegs! And Other Bands for Other Bands ... but will gladly trade Other Bands for Linkin Park.
2. - If you contact me 1st, you send 1st, if we have traded before > let´s send at the same time.
3. - Use only cd, dvd brand like TDK, Verbatim, Phillips, Sony only!
4. - Don´t burn dvds more then 4x speed!
5. - Send your package by 1st class Priority.
6. - I trade my Masters for other Masters, sometimes not ;)
7. - NT shows are not for Trade, please don't ask on them.
8. - I Accept only PC Cloned dvds, No Stand-Alone copies or DVDPlayer > DVDRec copy!! and no DVD X Copy dvds!!!
9. - Put your CDs/DVDs single sided to paper cd-case!
10. - Don´t try to Rip Me Off !!

Welcome on my Trading Page featurning Linkin Park and Other Bands Live Stuff

(I don't Sell bootlegs, so don't never ask! .. I am only trading 50:50 !)

CONTACT ON ME : and Subject : Trade .. all others will be ignored!